In more than 40 ha production area: highest quality seeds, plants in pots and unique large plants up to 10 metres high for garden and landscape design.

The ideal climate of the Island led Norbert Kropf, owner and founder of the company Canary Cactus S.A. to plant here the first cacti more than 25 years ago.

He has over 40 years experience which along with constant research and his innovating line of thought have positioned Canary Cactus among the leaders in the market worldwide. The genetic pool, constantly optimized through continuous selection, is the result of this work of development carried out throughout the years.

Company History

  • 1970
    Norbert Kropf, owner and founder of Canary Cactus, grows his first cacti in a small greenhouse in Goch, Germany
  • 1973
    Sale of seeds and cacti in Germany
  • 1974
    Exporting of seeds
  • 1982
    Importing and exporting seeds and plants in Europe and the U.S.A.
  • 1985
    The company is established in Tenerife and exports to Europe
  • 1991
    The company Canary Cactus S.A. has been set up
  • 1994
    Producing cacti and succulents in over 14 ha in Guimar, Tenerife
  • 2000
    Exporting to the USA and China
  • 2006
    The production surface is enlarged by further 26 ha in the south of the island
  • 2009
    The production increases to more than 10 million plants and slips a year. Export to Africa and the Middle East
  • 2011
    Exporting to Southeast Asia